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Fire regs work upgrades

With the constant change of laws regarding fire regulations there is a need for upgrades to meet safety standards in a case of a fire in a building. HMTcarpentry have the knowledge and skills to upgrade doors to the regulations needed for the building to be safe and a small deterrent to stop the spread of fire and give people a chance to get out a building on fire.

FD30 or FD60 (fire doors that have the resistants to hold a fire concealed for 30mins or 60mins, most common is the fd30), routing out the edging of a door to fit intumiscent smoke seals , make fire breaks in-between stud partition offices, making electrical cupboards fire safe, fitting and adjusting door closers. We use the correct materials to ensure the works undergone meet all regulations and no corners are cut.

Here is just a small example of works we have completed in schools and offices and multiple occupancy buildings.


HMTcarpentry are a skilled building company who can guarantee the work and materials we use meet the regulations of fire safety , do not hesitate to get in touch to ask any questions or enquiries you have for a job you need our service to complete to make your home or work place fire rated compliment.

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