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Who is HMTcarpentry?

Updated: May 20, 2021

My name is Jack Henley I am the owner and head carpenter at HMTcarpentry. I decided to start my own company after working in the construction industry for over 10 years and seen the good the bad and the absolute ugly workmanship there is to offer customers out there . I wanted to take all my experience of being a carpenter and working alongside every other trade on sites to offer a service that not only leaves a client happy but benefits Me and my self satisfaction of delivering a end product that I'm happy to take pictures of and remember that I did that job and delivered a customer's vision and made it possible with my skillset and experience.

I'm passionate about the industry I am in and nothing rubs me up the wrong way, more than "cowboy builders"! This is because if someone dosent know the trade or know exactly how to execute a job they should not be picking up the tools to try and think they can complete a job to a high standard. Leave it to the professional tradesman who take pride in there work and most importantly enjoy doing so. With that being said I decided to leave a company I was working for to start HMTcarpentry and make it a reputable building company that relies on recommendations from clients.

The rule I work by is "would I allow that in my home?" meaning , if I wouldn't accept that quality of work in my own home then it shouldn't be done on someone else's and only high quality finishing should be done by me and the team.

I'm ambitious and have goals for the HMTcarpentry brand and believe with every customer I meet in person and complete jobs for they will have found a trusted tradesman and company they can recommend to others. Be sure that everyjob I take on I will leave the job finished to a high standard , clean and be able to put my name to the job and walk away confident that anothe customer is satisfied and will use me again. I look forward to allsorts of jobs coming through , love a challenge and werid and wacky requests from clients. So be confident in the team and have HMT.carpentry on your mind when you next need a trusted builder.

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