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The top carpentry tools I use at the moment

Updated: May 22, 2021

Having the right tools for each job is the hard work out the way, trying to do a job without the right tools, you may as well pack your empty tool bag up and go home. Having a unique tool to do a specific Job makes everything become easy, neater and more efficient to your work load.

Carpenters need the most tools in any trade - FACT! We need combi drill , impact driver , jigsaw, router , planer, mitre saw , multi tool and that's just the power tools let's not forget the world's most trusted bag of tools that contain chisels , bevel, combination square, pencils, 100s of pencils that we lose constantly haha, saw , hammer, block plane the list can go on and on and on. So with that being said, what tools am I working with ATM? I'm gonna go into the power tools that have impressed me the most and that I use on a day to day basis. Before I do shout-out to the trust 18v lxt Makita range this has been my ride or die for a long long time but sadly put the blue Makita down and UPGRADED to the RED SIDE......... MILWAUKEE and not just any Milwaukee let me be specific in saying the M18 FUEL range and WOW they are seriously powerful brushless tools.

I have the whole range of tools in fuel spec from combi drill, impact driver , router , jigsaw (barrel grip), palm router, sds hammer drill, angle grinder , multi tool and the best till last that is a absolute game changer and recommend to anyone and that's the Milwaukee packout range , every tool in the same location on a trolley in different boxes all clicked together on the one trolley absolutely genius it saves the back and forth to the van and just makes everything so much easier on a day to day basis.


The barrel jigsaw - powerful , great for grip , better to see the cut and more closer to the hand to have a real control of the cut.

everyone has there own preference in tools and this isn't to say any other brand isn't any good because there are fantastic brands out there has the festool Kapex KS 60 AMAZING mitre saw but ATM I'm very impressed with milwaukee.

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