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About us

HMTcarpentry is a professional building company based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. We cover Greater London and all surrounding areas. We take on all residential and commercial work. We only employ tradespeople that are City and guild NVQ qualified professionals. With over 10 years of knowledge and experience in the construction industry we can install confidence all jobs are approached with the care and attention it desires. Communication is a key factor to achieve success when completing building work, we like to ensure our clients are well informed and up to date with progress.

Quality control 

We pride ourselves on our professional service and rely on recommendations from clients, every job is approached with organisation and quality workmanship, we ensure that whatever the job is it shall be completed to a high standard. We won't walk away from job that doesn't meet the expectations of our company.


Proof of works 

Every job we do, evidence is photographed throughout the process with before the job, during the job and completion of works, this gives the customer insight into the work that has been done. The completed pictures then make it onto our portfolio showcasing our skills and showing through a slideshow how the job was done.


Please take a moment to browse our site and check out the work that has been done or like to find out in more detail what jobs we take on. If any questions may arise feel free to message and we will get back asap.

video example of our high end finish on jobs